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Why People Come to See Us

From childhood through late adulthood, there are certain times when people need help in addressing problems or issues which are causing significant distress for the individual, couple or family. We can help you with identifying your problems and assist you in finding the best way to cope with your situation, all in a safe atmosphere of trust and respect.

We have training and experience to help people with many issues including:

• Abuse Survivor Issues • Communication Skills • Parent – Child Problems
• Academic Underachievement • Couples / Marriage Counseling • Parenting Skills
• ADHD • Depression • Phobias
• Anger Management • Divorce Support • Post-Traumatic Stress
• Anxiety / Panic Attacks • Domestic Violence • Self-Esteem
• Behavior at Home or School • Eating Disorders • Sexual Problems
• Blended Family • Grief • Stress Management
• Career Changes • Life Transitions • Substance Abuse
• Chronic Illness or Disability • Motivation  

After you attend your first appointment, your therapist will help design a treatment program that is just right for you. We are trained to provide evaluation, counseling and psychotherapy with children, teens, adults, couples and families. If other services are needed beyond what we provide (e.g. medication, psycho-educational testing, more intensive substance abuse treatment, etc.) – we are able to refer to and work in coordination with other appropriate health professionals in the area.

The decision to seek counseling is an important step. Too often, people do not get help because they feel guilt, shame or embarrassment. By choosing counseling, you have made a choice to feel better and to improve your life. The first step is to call for an initial appointment. We will be happy to discuss our experience and qualifications, or any other questions you might have at that time.

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Services We Offer

Self-Help Resources: We offer a carefully chosen selection of books and CD’s on a variety of common topics. All of the selections have been reviewed by our therapists, other professionals, or have been recommended by our clients. We have an associate relationship with Amazon.com that helps us get the right resources to you at the best price – just go to our Self-Help Resources page.

Self-help books and resources can be a great addition to the work you do in your face-to-face counseling. They can also be helpful if lack of time or finances prevent active involvement in counseling at the present time. Although helpful, self-help books are often not a substitute for counseling, and may not be enough to help an individual, couple, or family work through their problems.

Individual Counseling: This type of counseling is recommended when problems affect an individual and his/her feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. People meet one-on-one with the counselor in a safe, confidential, and professional atmosphere in which problem areas are identified, and goals for change are established. Some common problems that people come to individual therapy for include anxiety, depression, anger, phobias, grief, sexual issues, and personal growth – but there are many other reasons people seek individual counseling.

Couples Counseling: Couples counseling, marriage counseling, and marital therapy all refer to the same basic process. Couples counseling helps with problems existing in the relationship between two people, but can often involve some focus on individual symptoms and problems as well. Your therapist will help you and your partner identify the conflict issues within your relationship, and then decide on the changes needed to feel more satisfied with the relationship.
     We also offer Couples Co-Therapy. Each person has their own therapist to work with between couples sessions, and then both therapists meet with the couple together. This approach is often very effective when a couple has been arguing for a long period, or complicated situations such as when an affair has been disclosed.

Family Counseling: In many cases, an issue affecting one family member also affects the rest of the family. With family counseling, family members work with the therapist in learning how to get along better as they also resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. Improved ways of communicating and problem-solving can be explored and practiced, and a spirit of cooperation and teamwork is encouraged.

Play Therapy for Children: Usually geared toward children – but also appropriate for the developmentally disabled, play therapy uses a variety of activities such as painting, drawing, games, or role-playing to establish communication and rapport with the therapist as well as resolve problems. Play allows the child to express emotions and problems that could be too difficult for a child to put into words or discuss with an adult directly.

Group Counseling: In group counseling, people come to discuss their problems together and a trained counselor guides the sessions. Members in the group often share the same problem, but not always. The group session provides a place where people can confide with others who understand their struggles, and can gain strength in knowing that they are not alone with their problems. Members learn how their views of themselves shape the way others see them, along with better ways of thinking and behaving. Group counseling is useful for a variety of problems including but not limited to depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and abuse survivor issues. Check with one of our therapists to see what groups are currently available.

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Fees & Payment Information

Our therapists charge a competitive hourly rate for their services. Rates are set by the therapist, and may vary from provider to provider. Patients generally are expected to pay fees in full at the time service is rendered unless arrangements are made in advance. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, checks, or credit / debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover only).

** New patients not covered by insurance (paying “out-of-pocket”)
are eligible for a $20 discount off of the therapist’s hourly rate
by mentioning referral from this web page! **
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Insurance Information

We are in-network providers for many of the common insurance plans – however it is important to note that our providers contract individually with insurance companies. Though we are providers for many of the same plans, we are not providers for all of the same plans.
     Insurance policies are quite varied, and it is the patient’s responsibility to get familiar with their specific benefit plan. If you intend to use your insurance benefits, it is a good idea to verify your coverage ahead of time. You can usually verify coverage by calling the customer service number on your insurance card. If you have questions or need assistance with this process, we will be glad to try to help. Once coverage is verified, we are usually willing to file claims for services provided – but you will need to clarify this with your therapist.

Here are some questions to ask your insurance company in order to verify benefits:

(1) Do I have mental health coverage on my policy? ___ Is it effective now?___

(2) You will also want to find out the details for the following:

Is the provider I want to see covered? ___ In-network?___ Out-of-network?____

Deductible to meet? ___ Co-Payment or % you have to pay?___

Referral or pre-authorization needed? ___

Are there any limitations for # of sessions allowed?___

Please feel free to contact one of our therapists with any further questions. Whether you decide to see one of our therapists or not, we will be glad to assist you in getting to the right place or the right provider for your particular situation.

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We offer morning, afternoon, and evening appointments Monday through Friday. Our therapists’ hours vary, and each therapist keeps their own appointment schedule. Consult the therapist directly regarding their schedule and hours available for new clients. If our schedules are full, we will still gladly assist you with referrals to other providers we know in the area.


Jasper Counseling Associates Home Page Jasper Counseling Associates Services Jasper Counseling Associate Therapists Jasper Counseling Associates Contact and Patient Forms Jasper Counseling Associates Self Help Resources
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